Landlord’s Buildings Insurance+

As a landlord you’re exposed to more risks than you think and a standard household buildings policy may not give you the cover you need.

If you’re a property landlord, building & contents insurance will protect the structure of the property as well as its furniture, fixtures and fittings. As a landlord renting out the property, you face particular risks: that’s why standard home insurance isn’t enough (and may not even protect you). Your different risks could include the property remaining unoccupied for long periods and deliberate damage by tenants. However, you’ll also need cover for standard loss or damage through fire, flood, burglary, oil or water leak, or a lightning strike.

Benefits of Landlord's building & contents cover

For more details about Agent Assure’s Landlord’s Buildings Insurance, call them directly on 0345 450 9904 and the email address for the insurance team is or visit online. Don’t forget to mention your letting agent Lanes Rentals  - you may be entitled to a discount!

For terms and conditions and details of cover, visit The Lettings Hub

* as a result of an insured peril