What is My Property File

My Property File is an online platform designed to connect you with your tenants and agent.

It allows your tenants to report issues straight away and you'll be able to track them from start to finish, so you can stay on top of your properties condition and prevent issues from building up throughout the tenancy.

Whilst providing you with all of the important information you need to fulfil your landlord responsibilities such as safety checks, repair reports, key tenancy dates and deposit details.


Access to Key Information

My Property File gives you 24-hour access to key information such as deposit details, important tenancy dates and accounting, including downloading copies of statements and invoices. Helping with tax returns and other general queries, allowing you to be organised and  stay informed on all of your tenancies.

Keep up with safety checks

As a landlord it is crucial that you understand your responsibilities, make sure you are up to date with all of them through My Property File. Check your gas, fire and electrical safety certificates and ensure your deposit has been registered, protecting both you and your tenants.

Stay on top of maintenance issues

Keeping your property in good condition benefits both your tenant and you, by reducing the amount of large costly repairs that you will have to address and helping to keep the property's overall value. With My Property File your tenants can report any issues straight away and you'll be able to track them from start to finish, so you'll be able to plan for any expenditures and get issues resolved quickly.